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Baked Stuffed French Toast

Preparing breakfast in bed for Mom on Mother’s Day is a simple and fun way to show her how much you care. Taking the time to make a meal for Mom not only meets her physical needs, but it also tells her how much you value everything she does for you and your family day in and day out. 

Keep reading to find tips for preparing and serving breakfast in bed that the Mom in your life will treasure and the recipes you need to make it delicious!

When it comes to making breakfast in bed for Mother’s Day, two things are crucial: keep it simple and clean up after yourself! As long as you do those two things, breakfast in bed for Mom will be a success. However, following these tips will make it truly special:

Tips For Preparing Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed.

Plan and select what you will serve. Try to think of something Mom would enjoy, maybe a dish that she doesn’t often cook for herself. Remember to keep it simple and choose a dish that you know how to prepare. Don’t feel like you have to make everything from scratch. Make use of baking mixes and fold in some of Mom’s favorites like dried fruits, chopped nuts, or chocolate chips. 

Breakfast in bed doesn’t have to be expensive. A fresh fruit salad; buttered toast and her favorite jam; a simple omelet; warm muffins: an egg scramble with cheese and chopped up veggies; pancakes; or a bowl of her favorite cereal are all reasonably priced choices for Mother’s Day breakfast. 

Once you know what you are going to serve, create an action plan. Compile a list of groceries and supplies you will need - don’t forget to include things like pancake toppings, jam, coffee, or juice.

Do as much as possible the day or evening before to prepare breakfast ahead of time. Try to keep preparation down to a minimum on Mother’s Day morning. Many muffin, pancake, and waffle batters can be mixed up the night before and set in the fridge overnight. 

French toast batter can also be put together the evening before and then given a quick whisk before dipping the bread. Cut veggies and meat into bite-sized pieces and shred cheese for omelets the night before as well. Preload the coffee maker with a fresh filter, water, and Mom’s favorite flavor of coffee and then simply flip it on in the morning.

Remember to do the dishes and straighten up the kitchen so that Mom doesn’t get stuck with cleanup duty. Cut down on the amount of dishwashing necessary by using disposable plates, cups, and silverware.

Tips For Serving Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed:

Keep it a surprise. Make sure the kids know they are not supposed to tell. Work as quietly as possible so Mom isn’t woken up by kitchen noises, chatting, or giggling. Even if you have to celebrate on a day other than mother’s day, choose a time to serve breakfast in bed when Mom will have the time to relax and enjoy it without feeling rushed. 

Make sure that your pets are in the plan too. If they tend to be barky or like to be up on the bed, try to keep them away from the area as you serve Mom breakfast. This will help cut down on noise and possible spills.

When it comes to serving Mom breakfast, be creative. If you don’t have a bed tray, use a large serving or party platter, cutting board, or television tray. Set a placemat or piece of gift wrapping paper under the place setting to make the tray unique. Use special napkins to add a spot of color and beauty. Decorate the serving tray with your children’s artwork, photos, or a flower they have picked. Tuck a handwritten note under the edge of the plate to thank Mom for all she has done and express your love for her.

Be sure to include everything Mom will need to eat her breakfast on the tray, from butter and jam for her toast to cream and sugar for her coffee. Make sure she also has all of the utensils she needs. If something can spill, such as juice, coffee, or syrup, put it in a container with a lid. 

Spread a blanket out over the bed to keep from getting crumbs in the sheet or set up a special picnic on the bedroom floor by laying out a picnic blanket and serving breakfast from a picnic basket.

If breakfast away from the table doesn’t work for your family, make the table setting special with a beautiful tablecloth and fresh flowers. Include adult children who are grown up and out of the house by setting up a skype or telephone call to share while Mom eats breakfast.



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