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Britsh and American Equivilents


Common British and American cooking product (ingredient) equivalences


American to British Recipe Terms

Some common American ingredient terminology translated into the equivalent British term.

American Term British Term
all-purpose flour plain flour
bacon streaky bacon
bread flour strong flour
broil grill (with oven)
broiling grilling (with oven)
casserole bake
Canadian bacon bacon
dark brown sugar demerara sugar
eggplant aubergine
flour plain flour
graham crackers digestive biscuits
granulated sugar (or just sugar) castor sugar
karo syrup (corn syrup) golden syrup
half and half single cream
ham gammon
heavy cream double cream
light cream single cream
molasses treacle
navy beans haricot beans
pie cherries Morello cherries
pumpkin pie spice mixed spice
seedless raisins sultanas
semi-sweet chocolate dark cooking chocolate
tomato paste tomato puree
turnips swedes
whipping cream double cream
zucchini courgette

British to American Terms

Some common British ingredient terminology translated into the equivalent American term.

British Term American Term
aubergine eggplant
bacon ham or Canadian Bacon
castor sugar superfine granulated sugar
courgette zucchini
dark cooking chocolate semi-sweet chocolate
demerara sugar dark brown sugar
digestive biscuits graham crackers
double cream whipping cream, heavy cream
gammon ham
golden syrup light karo syrup (corn syrup)
grill broil (with oven)
grilling broiling (with oven)
haricot beans navy beans
mixed spice substitute pumpkin pie spice
Morello cherries pie cherries
plain flour all-purpose flour
single cream light cream
strong flour bread flour
sultanas seedless light raisins
treacle molasses
tomato puree tomato paste
streaky bacon bacon
swedes turnips




Portland, United States
 over 1 year ago

You are mistaken posting that seedless raisins =sultanas. The American equivalent of sultanas are sold as "golden raisins." They are, I believe made from green grapes rather than red or purple grapes.

Inver Grove Heights, United States
 over 1 year ago

You are correct about sultanas being dried white grapes. In England sultanas are smaller than than regular raisins. They are also a bit sweeter. Great for baking.AZZ

Taylorsville, United States
 over 1 year ago

incorrect on British term for Swede, American equivalent turnip. NOT SO
American equivalent is rutabaga

Santa Maria, United States
 over 1 year ago

Golden syrup is not same as corn syrup! You can sometimes get away with substituting one for the other, but you best not count on it.

 about 1 year ago

Castor sugar is actually baking sugar, which is a finer particle size than regular granulated sugar. Or bar sugar (from what I’ve read - I’ve only used baking sugar)


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