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Carob powder

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In Chinese:角豆树粉
British (UK) term: Carob powder
en français:poudre de caroube
en español:polvo de algarroba

Recipes using carob powder

There are 23 recipes that contain this ingredient.

Carob Brownies

Carob Brownies

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Chewy Rich Carob Brownies Are Delicious!! Easy To Make!!

Seneca's Carob Cake

Seneca's Carob Cake

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This Delicious Carob Cake Is Delightful And Fun To Make!!! Made For All Those Who Can't Or Don't Eat Chocolate!! Dark Cake Mixture With It's Nice Creamy Icing Is Great For Vegetarians!..Well Friends..his Cake Was For Seneca!! and his brother Jose. Since Seneca Wasn't Home On Their Birthdays!! ...8 Years apart, but Same Birthday!! ...They Are Doing It Today!! ...They Didn't Want Candles ... Just Moms Messy Icing Carob Cake!! Their Names In The Icing... Save The Candles Moms!!


Dark Rye Cornmeal Bread

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Dark Rye Bread recipe


Whole Wheat Carob Brownies

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Whole Wheat Carob Brownies recipe


Carob Cinnamon Cake

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A delicious cake that everyone wants a second slice.

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