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Tomato purée (passata)

What is tomato purée (passata)? About the ingredient tomato purée (passata). Including 187 recipes with tomato purée (passata), and where to find it.


Tomato purée, sometimes know as "Passata" is a thick paste that is made from strained tomatoes and especially used in Italian cooking.

The definitions of tomato purée vary between regions. In the USA, tomato purée is a processed food product, usually consisting of only tomatoes, but can also be found in pre-seasoned form. It differs from tomato sauce or tomato paste in consistency and content. Tomato puree generally lacks the additives common to a complete tomato sauce, and does not have the thicknesss of paste.

To prepare tomato purée, ripe tomatoes are washed and the leaves and stem are removed. Some processors remove the skin of the tomato as well. This is then mashed or mechanically chopped to the desired consistency.

Tomato purée can be used in soups, stews, sauces, or any other dish where the tomato flavor is desired, but not the texture. It is often deprecated by professional chefs, who find it to have an overly cooked flavor compared to other forms of canned tomatoes. This is sometimes a non-issue, as in long-cooked dishes, but in quick sauces such as a marinara sauce it is undesirable.

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Where found

Tomato purée (passata) is usually found in the canned goods section or aisle of the grocery store or supermarket.

In Chinese:番茄酱(passata)
British (UK) term: Tomato purée (passata)
en français:purée de tomates
en español:pure de tomate

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