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Onion rings

What are onion rings? About the ingredient onion rings. Including 23 recipes with onion rings.


Onion rings are a type of fast food commonly found in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and some parts of Asia. They generally consist of a small ring of onion (whose ring-like structure lends itself well to this mode of preparation) dipped in batter or breading and then deep fried; a variant is made with onion paste. Whole onion rings make for better presentation through a variety of sizes, while those made from a paste offer quantity through consistent size. Consumers of whole onion rings run the risk of pulling the onion out of the batter if they fail to cut it all the way through with their teeth, while onion rings made of onion paste break apart easily but oil absorbency diminishes the onion taste.

The exact origins of the onion ring are unknown, but in 1933 a recipe for deep-fried onion rings that are dipped in milk then dredged in flour appeared in a Crisco advertisement in The New York Times Magazine.

In Chinese:洋葱圈
British (UK) term: Onion rings
en français:rondelles d'oignon
en español:aros de cebolla

Recipes using onion rings

There are 21 recipes that contain this ingredient.

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