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5 Tips for Holiday Detox

The holiday meal is often a time when many people overindulge. With so many traditional dishes, and so many treats, it can be very easy to feel a little bloated and full after the excess. 
This one meal does not have to completely destroy your methods of healthy eating, but after you are done giving thanks, then it might be time to detoxify your body from the rich, fatty foods and get back to your old, healthy ways. 

Here are five tips for you to help your body restore itself:

Lemon Water: Skip the morning coffee on the day after holiday and reach for a large glass of lemon water. Jessica Sepel, a nutritionist and the author of The Clean Life: Rebuilding Your Relationship With Food, Your Body and Your Mind states, “When you wake up, don’t immediately reach for coffee. Instead, have warm water with lemon. The lemon kick starts digestion (and your metabolism) and helps flush the liver.”

Green Juice: Making a green juice smoothie can really help to fill your body with healthy nutrients that will help it combat the unhealthy foods and drinks that you put into your body the day before. Sepel states, “This infuses your system with a direct hit of vitamins and nutrients.” If you are away from your own familiar kitchen gadgets, consider finding a juice bar to get what you need.

Body Brushing: This is great for exfoliating your skin and removing toxins. It also helps to encourage metabolism, which releases even more toxins. Sepel says that the best time to use a body brush is right before you shower, while your skin is still dry.

Yoga: A 20-minute session of yoga and meditation can also help you to restore the balance that you are looking for after your holiday binge. Keep in mind that you are not only cleansing and detoxifying your body, but also your mind.

Remove Gluten, Dairy, Sugar, Alcohol and Caffeine: Take a few days off of consuming things that are going to make you not feel so good. Eliminating these things from your diet will help your body cleanse itself and you will be feeling back to normal in no time at all. These ingredients are the ones that make you feel sluggish and when you cut them out after a holiday binge you can get back on track.

Just because you overindulged while enjoying the holiday doesn’t mean you are now a lost cause. After a few days of really taking care of yourself, you will be back to normal. Follow these tips for the quickest results!