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Liquid smoke

What is liquid smoke? About the ingredient liquid smoke. Including 117 recipes with liquid smoke.


Liquid smoke is made from the smoke created by burning sawdust or wood chips under controlled conditions. The smoke is funneled into a chamber, condensed and then cooled into a liquid.

Liquid smoke is used as a seasoning which imparts an intense smokey flavor to a variety of recipes and food preparations. It is frequently used in the processing of hot dogs, and bacon as well as flavoring tofu and jerky.

It can be used in marinades to impart a "smoked" flavor into foods, indoors, without using a smoker.

A little liquid smoke goes a long way with its intensely concentrated flavor and can easily overpower your dish if not used sparingly. A few drops may be all that is needed.

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In Chinese:烟液
British (UK) term: Liquid smoke
en français:fumée liquide
en español:humo líquido

Recipes using liquid smoke

There are 114 recipes that contain this ingredient.

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