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Grilled Low-fat skinless chicken breast with grilled vegetables

Not surprisingly, optimal health and ideal weight go hand-in-hand, and cooking with healthy ingredients can be the key to both. Protein is essential for a multitude of structural and metabolic processes carried out by the body, but health benefits vary depending on the amount of fat found in meat.

One of the best sources for lean, high-quality protein is chicken and it is increasingly appearing on the plates of Americans. It benefits the cardiovascular system by being low in cholesterol and is a great choice for dieters.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, a century-long record of meat consumption reveals that within the past decade, chicken and beef are now available to consumers in almost equal quantity. As health-conscious Americans make the switch from beef to chicken, an abundance of delightful recipes combining chicken with antioxidant-loaded vegetables and whole-grains have been created for dining pleasure and healthy eating.

To get the maximum health benefits from chicken, skinless is the better choice. Approximately two-thirds of the fat is located in the layer just below the skin and is removed along with the skin. Chicken not only provides complete protein, it is also an excellent source of several B vitamins, iron, phosphorus, zinc and other essential nutrients. Low-fat, delicious eating is assured when using skinless chicken breasts in a favorite chicken recipe.

Healthy eating starts at home. Where else can you be certain of every ingredient used to prepare the dinner fare?

Whether seeking to lose a few pounds or keep cholesterol levels down, cooking with low-fat chicken recipes is a delectable, healthy choice.


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on any of your recipes I'll be lowering salt or leaving it out totally salt restricted no dairy no wheat products no corn or anything devired from corn suggestions on recipes would be helpful also husband is on a bland diet need help please I don't know how to use the not list sorry you have to excuse my stupidly I'm 72 if that's an excuse and don't know how to get to things in the web much but I'm learning