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Tips on How to Stay Full While Still Looking Thin

Before slipping into your bikini for a day at the pool or beach, avoid dairy and grains. A quick bowl of cereal might be easy, but this common breakfast combo will cause bloating when it expands in your intestines. The better bloat-free breakfast option: an egg-white omelette with a side of melon or citrus. Here are some protein packed, filling omelette recipes – just leave out the yolks.

Fight the urge to fast during the day in hopes of keeping bloat away or limit your calories. When dieting, this habit can backfire as much as skipping breakfast. When you skip meals, your metabolism slows down – making it even harder to lose weight. Carbonated energy drinks are guaranteed to make you bloat. Instead of skipping lunch, opt for a medium sized fresh salad with BBQ chicken or fish and a light dressing. This will give your body the nutrients it needs while keeping your metabolism working well. Add cucumber, carrots, tomatoes and a piece of grilled chicken to a mixed green salad.

Too many raw vegetables eaten on their own can also bloat your belly. When dining out for dinner, choose a meal with lean protein and vegetables. Seared or poached salmon with steamed or sautéed asparagus, carrots or squash is a good choice. Avoid broccoli or cauliflower to minimize bloat and the possible digestive embarrassment that can accompany these cruciferous vegetables.

If you’re planning on hitting the clubs, be sure to eat a filling meal first. You will want a comfortably full stomach for two reasons: to avoid getting too tipsy and to have the energy to keep dancing late into the night. Adding protein to a whole grain carb option for dinner is the best way to leave the house in top form and bloat free. Make a quick meal with a piece of 4-6 oz BBQ chicken breast with whole wheat pasta and some lightly steamed vegetables.

Traveling, by land or air, is a time that most of us just want to find the easiest option. This can cause both bloat and dehydration if we’re not careful. Avoid high salt and high sugar snacks such as chips and candies. Choose a better quality travel stash of granola or protein bars and fresh fruits as treats. Pack a small cooler for road trips and fill it with fresh grapes, apples, bananas, carrot and celery sticks, even low-fat yoghurt. Almonds, walnuts and pistachios are another good choice to snack on. Bring extra bottles of water. Having plenty of healthy fruits and snacks will also make your day more bearable when driving with young children.