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Parents right now you may be getting your little ghouls and goblins costumes together, putting up the last bit of your ghostly decor and shopping for delicious treats for all of your trick or treaters. Well, before you pull that yummy candy off the shelves be sure you're aware of the following food recalls before chucking it into your shopping cart. 

Of course lollipops, and chocolate covered raisins are childhood favorites and many of your neighbors will be giving tons of these candies out. Food and Drug Administration has announced the recall of both Mega Pops and Nestle Raisinets. 

Mega Pops lollipops, which are made by Colombina SA, seemed very confident in saying that the recalled product indeed was safe. Though the FDA says that the lollipops can pose health risk. The upc numbers in question are 0 14272 10873 9 or 0 14272 10862 3. 

Nestle USA has recalled some packages of 10 oz "fun size" Raisinets over potential risks to those with peanut allergies. 02015748 production code and UPC number of 2800010255 are the codes to be on the lookout for. Both Mega Pops and Nestles are offering full refund for the recalled products. 

And lastly, the San Diego County Department of Environmental warns consumers not to eat Chula Vista's Candy el Pecas Saladitos Con Chile and Candy el Pecas Saladitos Con Limon. Both products are said to contain high levels of lead. If spotted please contact your county officials. 

So let's have a fun and safe Halloween and be sure to double check those loot bags.