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27 meatles recipes


Meatless Monday Chili



Meatless Monday Chili recipe

Garlicky Meatless Chili



TVP Chili recipe

Veggie Meatloaf with Checca Sauce



A meat-less loaf with a quick and fresh tomato sauce. Freezes well, an easy make-ahead favorite packed with chunks of corn, lentils and rice. One of the best vegetarian loafs ...

Meatless Balls in Juicy Tomato Sauce



Meatballs without the meat in a tasty rich tomato sauce.

Chipotle Veggie Nachos



Chipotle gives the spicy and smoky flavor, the meatless crumbles add the protein and the meaty texture. Fresh vegetables bring all the refreshing and yummy flavor together. You ...

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