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Top 20 Crockpot and Slow Cooker recipes

Baked Chicken Breasts (Crockpot)

8 days ago

8.59 k

Slow cooker chicken breast recipe. An easy chicken breast recipe with oodles of sauce. Crock pot baked chicken breast with mushrooms.

All-Day-Long Crockpot Beef

1 day ago

7.55 k

Instead of having to be in the kitchen for hours, why not try this easy crockpot recipe that will help you create a succulent dinner without spending hours in the kitchen.

Coq Au Vin à la Slow Cooker

about 10 hours ago

5.43 k

An excellent rendition of Coq au Vin - chicken cooked in red wine for the crockpot. The sauce is packed with layers of flavor, perfectly balanced and the chicken was fall apart ...

All-Day-Long Potato Soup

20 days ago

5.85 k

Easy crock pot potato soup. Serve with chopped green onions and slice cheddar cheese. SUPERB! Absolutely wonderful.

Favourite Crock Pot Hamburger Soup

13 days ago

4.11 k

An easy and tasty soup. It's hearty and delicious enough to make everyone feel happy, serve it with some bread to complete the meal.

Beef Bourguignon for Two

19 days ago

4.09 k

Beef tips marinated in red wine. Pancetta (or bacon), garlic and onion. Simple flavors highlighted by earthy mushrooms, simmered long and slow.

Sweet and Brown Sauerkraut

2 days ago

4.33 k

This is my Signature Recipe! It is asked for at Potluck-Dinners by people who once tasted it, even those who don't care for Sauerkraut are now asking me to bring it.

Apple-Glazed Roast Pork- Crockpot

28 days ago

5.44 k

Another simple crockpot recipe where a pork-loin roast meets a delicious glaze which creates a wonderful dinner you will love.

North Carolina Slow Cooker Pulled Pork

20 days ago

3.16 k

This recipe for an indoor slow cooked (Crockpot) pulled pork takes inspiration from North Carolina. Instead of ham hocks it uses bacon and liquid smoke.

Chinese Country Beef Short Ribs

5 days ago

3.09 k

Slow cooked beef short ribs that simply fall off the bone in a delicious Chinese style barbecue sauce. Packed with flavor and nearly hands-free preparation using your slow cooke...

Crockpot Pineapple Chicken

26 days ago

2.65 k

A simple crockpot recipe for pineapple chicken that everyone will love.

Slow-Cooked Pepper Steak

6 days ago

2.27 k

I changed it up a bit by using both a red and green pepper and a can of stewed tomatoes. I cooked on low for a full 8 hours which made the meat extremely tender.

Slow Cooker Pork, Apples and Cabbage

1 day ago

2.25 k

Easy crock pot pork chops, slow cooked and smothered with apples and cabbage. A German-style slow cooker pork chop recipe.

Bob's Crock Pot Pizza

28 días ago

1.96 k

A delicious and tantalizing crockpot dish that doesn't disappoint when it comes to flavor!

Jack Daniels Baked Beans

17 days ago

2.73 k

Easy Jack Daniels spiked smokey baked beans. Enriched with sugar and "spice" and everything nice! :)

Crockpot French Onion Soup

28 days ago

1.51 k

Create the traditional french onion soup in your crockpot with this easy to follow recipe.

Slow Cooker Braciole

12 days ago

1.47 k

My version of this classic Italian dish. This is a very interesting recipe. Actually I've tried this already and I was very impressed by its taste. Try this too so that you will...

Easy Italian Sausage Vegetable Soup

about 11 hours ago

1.23 k

The flavor was amazing, the aroma during the cooking filled up our entire house. We used chicken broth instead of beef broth and water, and it made a very tasty base for the sou...

Braised Short Ribs for Two

15 days ago

1.43 k

Boneless beef short ribs, slow braised in a small crockpot (or pot if desired) perfectly sized for two servings.

Crockpot Rice Pudding

6 days ago

2 k

Dust off your crockpot and try making this scrumptious rice pudding that everyone will enjoy!