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Home-made chicken fingers, lower fat and sodium than take-out

Take-out chicken can sound like a tempting option for those with a busy lifestyle. They offer a no cooking necessary meal with minimal clean up, the only catch is they can be damaging to the waistline as many as loaded with calories and saturated fat. Many news sources have reported that the amount of calories and fat in these meals can easily exceed the daily recommended amount, making them unhealthy to eat frequently.

This is highlighted by a recent report by the Toronto Star that investigates the fat and salt content in a popular take-out chicken shawarma that is a lunch-time best seller found in numerous mall food courts. The news source discovered the meal contained a whopping 64 grams of fat and 2,369 mg of sodium. That is more than the recommended amount for the entire day!

Cooking healthy and low-fat chicken recipes at home can provide more nutritious food than take-out meals. This is possible because it is easier to control the ingredients used. By making this healthier meal at home calories can be reduced as it is easier to remove excess fat and skin but also use less cooking oil. This also lowers the amount of fat in the meal, making it easier to create low-fat recipes.

Another advantage to making healthy chicken recipes at home is being able to avoid the heavy preservative and chemicals used in take-out chicken. These additives can be unhealthy and often contribute to a growing waistline. Chicken that has been prepared at home also often has a far lower sodium content that take-out chicken. This is due to the amount of sodium that is added to take-out meals. By preparing low-fat recipes at home these additives and preservatives can be avoiding, making it a healthy meal to enjoy at home with the family.


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I make chicken strips by rolling chicken in oil then into Italian bread crumbs then bake at 350 for one hour better than store bought for you tastes great.