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A slice of classic Thanksgiving Pumpkin pie

After enjoying a delicious holiday meal, pie is the classic dessert that most people look forward to.

The top seven pie recipes, featuring fresh ingredients straight from the autumn harvest, which will be served at Thanksgiving and Christmas feasts this year are:

Pumpkin Pie: This Thanksgiving classic features a spicy custard filling with a mouth-watering, velvety texture. For the deepest flavor, use fresh pumpkin.

Apple Pie: The perfect choice for those who are craving something that is not too sweet. Select local apples that have a sweet-tart flavor and keep a firm texture when they are baked to use in your pie filling recipe.

Plum Pie: This delicate, juicy autumn fruit is traditionally paired with clove to balance its sweetness and served with rich vanilla custard.

Pear Pie: Their subtle, almost floral, flavor is often combined with other autumnal fruits. Many pear pie recipes add lemon to the filling to keep their sweet and moist flesh from browning.

Sweet Potato Pie: This southern classic is similar to pumpkin pie but has a smoother, buttery texture. For the best flavor and consistency, look for recipes that bake the fresh sweet potato.

•  Mincemeat Pie: Originally prepared as a sweet pie as a way to preserve poultry or wild game (see James Beard's Mincement recipe or this more modern Blue Ribbon Mincemeat Pie Filling recipe), mincemeat pie has evolved into a rich and flavorful dessert pie. Most mincemeat pie recipes combine green tomatoes, dried fruits, apples, nuts, and spices (see this Homemade Mincemeat recipe).

•  Savory Pies: Although not a dessert, savory pies do make an appearance on many Thanksgiving or Christmas menus, particularly the day or two after a big turkey dinner. Most recipes include meat, sauce, and seasonal vegetables. One popular savory pie is after Thanksgiving or Christmas that can be made to use up that leftover turkey such as this Classic Leftover Turkey Pot Pie recipe. In a hurry, try this Quick and Easy Leftover Turkey Pot Pie recipe. For more ideas on how to use up that leftover turkey here's a link to more leftover turkey recipes.

With a flaky, buttery crust and rich seasonal filling, pie can satisfy even the deepest of cravings.