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Top 20 Browny recipes

BHG Fudge Brownies

1 day ago

2.13 k

I got these from an old cookbook, have been using this recipe for decades and it's always a hit.

Valentine's Day Brownie Pizza


1.12 k

Chocolatly, moist and well balanced sweetness. Make this super brownie pizza for your loved one at Valentines' Day, hmmm...

"The Best" Brownies

1 día ago

1.16 k

Make the best brownies in the world with this simple and delicious recipe that will have your kids wrapped around your finger!

Herman Double-Chocolate Brownies



Amazingly moist and super chocolaty, these brownies will satisfy your cravings for chocolate, dessert and sweets. You will find these satisfactions all in one bite.

Better Butterscotch Brownies

24 days ago


Beacon Hill Brownies

about 20 hours ago


Beacon Hill Brownies recipe

Man-Catcher Brownies

about 13 hours ago


This decadent brownie recipe was recently clipped from my local newspaper.

Low fat-Chocolate Brownies



Moist, crumbly and Delicious. Before baking, I felt the batter was not too moistened; after baking, it surprised me, the brownies looked great. When it cooled, I cut them into 2...

Bisquick Fudge Brownies



If you love fudge brownies, you will adore this version that's made with bisquik and chocolate chips.

Snickers Bar Brownies



Skip the chocolate bar, and try these scrumptious treats that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Brownie Refrigerator Cake



Brownie Refrigerator Cake

Disgustingly Rich Brownies

11 days ago


Disgustingly Rich Brownies recipe

Old Fashioned Blondie Brownies

10 days ago


Blondie Brownies recipe

Failed-Fudge Brownies

2 days ago


Failed-Fudge Brownies recipe

Double Fudge Saucepan Brownies



Double Fudge Saucepan Brownies recipe

Whole Wheat Carob Brownies

26 days ago


Whole Wheat Carob Brownies recipe

Swirled Cheesecake Brownies



Using whole wheat flour and canola oil, let these tasty desserts become more healthy.

Chocolate Pudding Brownies

13 days ago


Chocolate Pudding Brownies recipe

Brazilian Brownies (Pedacinhos De Chocolate)

22 days ago


Brazilian Brownies (Pedacinhos De Chocolate) recipe

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