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70 casserole recipes

by title that are low in fat


Baked Chicken Casserole



A scrumptious chicken casserole made with white wine, parsley leaves and rosemary sprigs.

Easy Cabbage Casserole



Very simple fat-free ad-hoc cabbage in a tomato sauce.

Barley Mushroom Casserole (Vegan)



Barley Mushroom Casserole (Vegan) recipe

Millet Casserole



Clean and healthy millet casserole.

Quinoa Casserole



Quinoa has become one of the healthiest foods. It's high in fiber and packed with protein, it's not a grain but a seed. We have been making all kinds of quinoa recipes, made thi...

Roasted Chicken 'n Rice Casserole



An incredibly easy to prepare chicken 'n rice casserole.

Green Bean and Fried Onion Casserole



"This all time family favorite has stood the test of time. You just can't beat this delicious combination of flavors."

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