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97 candie recipes


No Bake Special K Candies



If you're tired of having popcorn during movies, then try this crunchy and scrumptious snack that won't disappoint.

Applesauce Salad



Applesauce jello salad -- A delicious jello salad, taken from The Monterey Coast Guard Officers' Wives Club Cookbook. My sister-in-law was the president of the club which put th...

Best Caramel Apple Pie



Best Caramel Apple Pie recipe

Black Licorice Chocolate Spiders



Black Licorice Chocolate Spiders recipe

Holiday Gingerbread Cookies



Holiday Gingerbread Cookies recipe

Candied Apples



Nothing is more Halloween than some delicious and sweet candies apples.

Twinkie Sushi



Use different colored fruit roll-ups and get creative with other additions to the top of these delightful little treats.

Bunny Face Easter Cupcakes



These Easter Bunny Face Cupcakes are so cute, and cakes are so moist, coated with vanilla frosting and coconut flakes, enjoy these pretty bunny face cupcakes!

Easter Little Sheep Cupcakes



These little sheep cupcakes are very easy to make and they look so cute, coated with white frosting and marshmallows, using Jelly beans as feet and ears, everyone loves these li...

Homemade Sweet Square



Sweet and tasty!

Halloween Witch Cupcakes



These cute wicked cupcakes will definitely impress your kids and the friends, and they are delicious!

Halloween Spider Cupcakes



Creepy crawly Halloween chocolate spider cupcakes that are easy to make and a thrill to eat.

White Chocolate Chip Krispie Squares



I add a couple of teaspoons of multi-colored nonpareils to make them a bit more festive.

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