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Recipes with chicken wings

92 recipes

Breaded Parmesan Chicken Wings

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22 days ago

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Try this new twist to chicken wings that has a variety of spices that will satisfy your hunger.

Crispy Chicken Wings

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26 days ago

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These crunchy chicken wings are great to entertain friends or have as a side during dinner!

Ashkenazic Chicken Soup and Matzo Balls with Fresh Dill

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27 días ago

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A classic passover Matzah ball soup that simply delicious. No need to be Jewish to enjoy this chicken soup recipe.

Spicy Barbecue Wings

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27 days ago

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Sometimes I also add a pinch of crushed red pepper flakes for a little more kick.

Spring Beet soup (Polish Botwina)

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27 days ago

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There are hundreds versions of this very Polish soup. Here you have an original proposition of mine. I used to cook it on the base of my favorite duck and chicken stock. The cre...

Quick and Easy Barbecued Chicken Wings

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26 days ago

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Barbecued Chicken Wings recipe

Lovage Soup with Barley

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26 days ago

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for those who like delicate aroma and flavor of fresh lovage..

Buffalo Chicken Wings 5

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26 days ago

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Having a party? Well treat your guests to these scrumptious buffalo wings that don't take long to make.

Lentil Soup with Steamed Vegetables

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26 days ago

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I like natural flavors of veggies without any seasoning inc. salt.. I often steam them and serve them as a side to other dishes.. sometimes they are tossed into the soup like in...

Kohlrabi Soup with Anise Flavor

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27 days ago

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Delicate, spring soup which is my rendition of the traditional Silesian soup called oberiba. Both recipes differ a lot, so this one shouldn't be named as Silesians did.

Do-Ahead Sesame Chicken Wings

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Add a new kick to your chicken wings with this delicious recipe that uses a variety of spices to create a wonderful taste.

Cola Chicken Wings

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27 days ago

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The taste does sound too good to be true but find out for yourself with this recipe that's easy to understand and follow.

Chanterelle and Carrot Soup

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I remember this soup from my childhood. Very creamy and thick, full of dill weed. Let it become thin to feel more intense flavor of chanterelle mushrooms.

Jamaican Jerk Chicken Wings

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27 days ago

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Jamaican Jerk Chicken Wings recipe

Cauliflower and Savory Soup

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25 days ago

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I cooked this soup 3 times lately, and the best base is turkey- chicken stock in my opinion. Just a summer soup made of many stems.