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Grilled Low fat chicken breast with yoghurt sauce and grilled vegetables

Many Americans think of boneless, skinless chicken breast as a heart-healthy recipe ingredient. But are there dangers lurking in this popular protein?

With the recent emphasis on monitoring cholesterol intake for heart health, an increasing number of consumers are examining the amount of cholesterol in the foods that they eat. 

Many are surprised and disappointed to find that boneless, skinless chicken breast has a high amount of cholesterol – 65 mg in each 4 ounce serving. 

Dr. Mitchell Hecht, Medical Columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer, reports that 300 mg or less of cholesterol should be consumed each day to maintain a healthy heart.

So, why have consumers been told that boneless, skinless chicken breast is healthy?

The amount of cholesterol in food is not what raises blood cholesterol. According to Dr. Hecht, the real culprits are trans fat and saturated fat.

Even though boneless, skinless chicken breast contains a relatively high amount of cholesterol, it is low in fat. As such, it is still a healthy source of protein. 

In an article for, Dr. Ed Bauman and Marsha McLaughlin, N.C. report that chicken is an excellent choice for heart-health compared to red meat. Eaten without the skin, chicken contains 5% fat whereas red meat contains 30-40% fat. 

According to Bauman and McLaughlin, free-range chicken is an even better choice because it contains less fat and more essential fatty acids than caged chicken.

Boneless, skinless chicken breasts are still an excellent protein for a heart-healthy menu. 

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Scot , United States

And to that I say, "here here"

Dr Bob

No, boiling will not lower cholesterol in chicken.
Boneless chicken tenderloins have the lowest saturated fat levels. Eat 3 ounces, that's the size of a deck of cards. The science says watch saturated fat, cholesterol and sugar. Those 3 = clogged arteries, CVD. cardiovascular disease

DR Bob

Saturated Fat and cholesterol = plaque that clogs arteries. watch your serving size of chicken. 3 or 4 oz. and no skin (to reduce saturated fat). TIP: Eat chicken tenderloins - boneless, skinless tenderloin of chicken has the LEAST Saturated fat - healthier than skinless chicken breast.

anonymous Billingham, United Kingdom

eat what u like only here once,

anonymous Billingham, United Kingdom

no eat what you wan or youll crack up

anonymous Decatur, United States

I have real high cholestrol should I stay away from chicken breasts

anonymous Lake Hopatcong, United States

Idoes boiled skinless chicken still contain fat, cholesterol or both?
does boiled skinless chicken still contain fat cholesterol or both is it good for youis it good for you or anyone