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24 20 minute chicken recipes

that are low in fat

Chicken recipes that are ready in 20 minutes or less! Quick and easy chicken recipes perfect for your next easy chicken dinner.

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Curry Chicken Spread
Curry Chicken Spread

This simple and quick spread is perfect to serve at any upcoming holiday party! It's chunk chicken, chopped apple, chutney and peanuts are bound with a curry-laced mayonnaise.

Homemade KFC Crispy Strips
Homemade KFC Crispy Strips

The Colonel used to sell chicken nuggets that were tasty but he thought why not prepare fresh chicken strips of all white meat and that is how the Colonel’s Crispy Strips were born. Extra crispy with the ultimate in crunch. This recipe is perfect for chicken tenders that are increasingly popular sold at Costco and other stores.

Chicken & Peach Delight

Chicken and Peach Delight recipe

KFC Wings

The Colonel deiced that wings were going to be a good thing to serve and so he decided to create fried wings that are very tasty. The Honey Barbecue wings are tasty. After they a e made, they are dipped into the Honey Barbecue Dipping Sauce . If you don’t want the honey barbecue wings just serve them as the regular wings.

Chicken Puttanesca Pizza

Quick, easy and tasty ! A perfect weekenight dinner.

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