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32 20 minute chicken recipes

that are low in cholesterol

Chicken recipes that are ready in 20 minutes or less! Quick and easy chicken recipes perfect for your next easy chicken dinner.

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Spanish Chicken Salad
Spanish Chicken Salad

Spanish spiced chicken breast with fresh avocado, orange dressed boston lettuce.

Curry Chicken Spread
Curry Chicken Spread

This simple and quick spread is perfect to serve at any upcoming holiday party! It's chunk chicken, chopped apple, chutney and peanuts are bound with a curry-laced mayonnaise.

Chicken & Peach Delight

Chicken and Peach Delight recipe

Simple Chicken Curry

A simple chicken curry, perfect served over rice. Coconut cream gives this dish a rich taste.

Chicken & Roast Beef Muffulettas

I make this chicken and roast beef muffulettas very often. Last year for super bowl, they were even not enough. My friends kept asking me for more of these sandwiches...

Black Tea Smoked Chicken

Great tasting chicken dish.

Chicken salad with low-fat ranch dressing

Chicken with ranch dressing, it is very nice! Once you taste it, you don't want to stop!

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