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Google Panda: Lack of content farms now replacing content farms?

Search term: “cherry salad recipes on recipeland”

The top 3 results lead to pages (darn slow loading pages I might add) that are simply (redirected) links to our own site with the actual content.

We have been noticing for quite some time (over a year) that it seems that very shallow content more often than not ranks better that the actual content.

Meanwhile we've continue to be working at improving the amount and quality of content (as we have been for the last 16 years) and user experience yet it seems to have penalized us. 

It's as if lack of content farms are replacing the content farms.

Why does this shallow content rank higher than the actual content it links to?



sean Port Perry, Canada

About an hour after this was posted to Google's webmaster forums, this specific search no longer features the "lack of content" farm in the top 3 results.