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Need More Kitchen Confidence? 7 Ways to Shine

Some people are naturally overwhelmed by the kitchen, as if it were a foreign place. But, you do not have to have every single gadget known to man, or know how to use them, in order to prepare delicious, healthy meals. Follow these 7 tips and you will be well on your way to shining in the kitchen, and perhaps even impress yourself with your skills!

1. Have the right tool for the task.

While you do not need the latest, greatest gadgets available, it can be important to have a solid basic set of kitchen tools. This set should include a few sharp chef’s knives, a few quality skillets and pans, some nylon kitchen tools, a cutting board, a strainer, and a few other quality items that you will use on a regular basis. They do not have to be the most expensive, but do invest in ones that will last for a while and endure regular usage.

2. Learn a recipe you love.

Instead of starting out with some fancy dish, learn how to make one of your favourite stand-by recipes, and learn how to do it well. This can help you build confidence and motivation in the kitchen, and, when you are creating something you really enjoy, you will want to go back and do it again, and learn other recipes, too.

3. Always read all of the directions first.

Before beginning a recipe, make sure you read the entire way through to make sure you have all of the necessary ingredients and tools that you will need. It can be very discouraging to get halfway through a recipe, only to find you are lacking something important. It is especially critical if you are baking, because amounts are usually more precise than when making other dishes. Stick to the regular recipe first before making adjustments, too. Make the variations after you have mastered the original!

4. Sample before you serve.

When you take a taste of what you are serving before putting it on the table, you have a chance to adjust seasonings or add “this or that” by habit. This can help increase your skills as well as your confidence in the kitchen, and help you become a great cook!

5. Start shopping with the meat section.

Plan your meal around the main course, or main ingredient. If you start with chicken, or pork, or steak, then you can plan what you are going to do to prepare it and what you will serve with it. This is a much more organized approach to grocery shopping than roaming the store aimlessly trying to decide what to make.

6. Keep ingredients for one complete meal stocked at all times.

You may not have your entire week’s meals planned out all the time, but you should always have the ingredients for at least one meal handy. This is especially important when you have a busy schedule and may need to make something quickly. Pasta and a jar of sauce is always a good start for your pantry, easy to prepare and easy to store!

7. When having company, cook familiar dishes.

Even when you might be ready for a change or to try out a new recipe, stick to familiar dishes that you are comfortable preparing when you are having company. Nothing dashes your kitchen confidence more quickly than having something go wrong when you are having dinner guests! Let your guests get to know what you are really good at before branching out to new dishes!

Most people can learn to make their way around a kitchen just fine. If you practice, and follow these great tips, you can really start to gain confidence in your kitchen skills and begin to dazzle others with your abilities!