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105 dessert recipes

by title


Rhubarb Something Dessert



A simple, but delicious dessert that's made with fresh rhubarb, a cake mix and strawberry gelatin.

Cherry Dessert Cake



Impress your family with this decadent and delicious cake that will have everyone asking for a second piece.

Amazing Cherry Oat Dessert Squares



Amazing Cherry Oat Dessert Squares recipe

Oatmeal Chip Cookies/The Dessert Show



Buttery, crunchy and sweet..., you can find almost every tasty flavor in these cookies!

Lemon/Orange Cake Dessert



Lemon/Orange Cake Dessert recipe

10 Minute Fresh Berry Dessert with Yogurt and Chocolate



Next time when you crave something sweet but not too rich, try this recipe. Within 10 minutes you will enjoy a creamy, chocolaty yet light treat.

Homemade Kid Friendly Dessert



One of the most delicious desserts. Easy to make and wonderfully sweet. Try this recipe.

Autumn Dessert Cake



serve with cream or ice-cream

Homemade Fruit Dessert



One of the easiest desserts and also very tasty and healthy. Kids will love this dessert. Try it!!

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