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299 scallop recipes


Pasta with Scallops & Vegetables



Packed with colorful veggies. Makes an excellent main course. Leave meat out of the equation and try this tasty dish that will satisfy your hunger like no other.

San Francisco-Style Cioppino



A succulent seafood dish that is sure to satisfy one's hunger and bring families together.

Scallop And Pine Nut Sauce with Spaghettini And Basil



A succulent dish made with bay scallops, pine nuts and fresh basil that's perfect for a dinner with friends.

Amazing Scallop And Shrimp On Skewers



Introduce seafood to the skewers with this succulent recipe that's easy to follow and will have you enjoying a delicious dinner in no time!

Seafood Lasagna



Try something new in the kitchen with this succulent dish that will have everyone asking for a second helping.

Shrimp And Scallop Capellini



A simple and scrumptious dish made with shrimp and sea scallops that makes the perfect dinner for two.

A Jellie Of Fyshe



Fish jelly

Aegean Sea Chowder (Psarosoupa Kakavia)



A hearty and delicious seafood chowder that will please anyone who loves food from the sea!

Al's Seafood Bisque - from Al's Soup Kitchen, NYC



Al's Seafood Bisque - from Al's Soup Kitchen, NYC recipe

Shrimp and Scallops, Garlic



Plump shrimp and tender scallops coated in a tangy garlic sauce. What's not to love?

Seafood Frittata



A rich and decadent frittata packed with a variety of seafood.

Seafood Gumbo From the New Basic's Cookbook



Seafood Gumbo From the New Basic's Cookbook recipe

Bob's New Orleans Green Gumbo Beaucoup



This is an authentic family recipe that my mother taught me in 1950 in New Orleans. It makes a great dinner party main dish. Like chinese food, it is long on chopping and asse...

Rumaki (Assorted)



Hot appetizers for every taste.

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