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Caribou recipe collection

Caribou Burgers

3 days ago


Because caribou has so little fat, you'll need to add some pork for a juicy burger.

Caribou Meat Pie



A delicious meat pie is great at Christmas. Feel free to use ground beef, pork, lamb or a combination of different meats. Make a few of these meat pies a few weeks in advance,...

Caribou Empanadas



Scrumptious pastries made with succulent ground caribou, jalapeno peppers and tomato sauce.

Caribou Chili



Caribou Curry

8 days ago


Caribou Pepper Steak



Yum! I used organic beef stock, and also chopped a few cloves of fresh garlic instead of powder, never understand why use garlic powder when fresh garlic tastes much better. I b...

Caribou Sausage #1

14 days ago


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