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Juniper berries

What are juniper berries? About the ingredient juniper berries. Including 61 recipes with juniper berries.

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In Chinese:杜松子
British (UK) term: Juniper berries
en français:baies de genièvre
en español:bayas de enebro

Recipes using juniper berries

There are 60 recipes that contain this ingredient.

Garlic and Fava Beans Soup
Lovage Soup with Barley
Pickled Salmon as Appetizer (Gravad Lax style)
Pork Hock with Pickled Sweet Red Pepper
Pork Ribs in Sour Cabbage
Pork Shoulder in Chanterelle Sauce over Buckwheat
Spinach and Long White Radish Soup
Spring Beet soup (Polish Botwina)
Spring Cabbage with Mushrooms, Frankfurters and Shrimps

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