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Exhausted by the thought of a workout? Try out the ten minute workout instead.

Many people feel exhausted just by thinking about the workout process. It can create the feeling of a mental drag that hits most people just before undertaking a boring task. Practically everyone knows that exercise is very powerful in one’s health, yet many people do not exercise regularly.

All too often people start with vigorous exercise plans only to slack down the line. Most people stop exercising completely after a month or so of beginning the workout. This is after being motivated into the exercise by an event such as the Olympics. The best thing one can do is take it systematically.

Taking it Step by Step Before trying out any form of work out, it is important to prepare the body for the new process. One of the ways one can do this is by taking a walk. It is amazing how a walk can change how the body responds to future exercises. Doing this for twenty minutes, twice a week will get the body accustomed to the new routine. After a week or two, take it up a notch and increase the number of days to three. Soon, the walk becomes quite easy, and one is ready for the ten-minute workouts.

The ten Minute Workout

The procedure with the ten-minute workout is similar to the walk. The similarity is that instead of jumping into a full-blown exercise routine, one should get into it step by step. Cardio exercise is most common in the ten-minute workout plan. Participating in a ten-minute workout three times a day allows one to achieve goals that would otherwise be unachievable to such a person. Breaking down your workout into smaller targets can make it easier to achieve your goals and research has been showing that short bursts of exercise result in big benefits.

Any person undertaking this workout plan should monitor and listen to their own bodies. As much as one may do everything right, sometimes one's body may have an agenda of its own. Call it the sixth sense; it might just save you many health issues.