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548 thanksgiving recipes


Autumn Pumpkin Marmalade



This sweet marmalade is the perfect spread for toast, english muffins and pancakes.

Pumpkin Squares (Light)



Very tasty treat! Easy to make and very moist. I added 1/2 cup chopped pecans to the batter. Would be good with some dried cranberries also.

Basic Pumpkin Pie



This is an easy to make pumpkin pie, and the flavor is also wonderful. A great dessert for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Pumpkin Pancakes



Perfect for a fall or winter morning, a great way to use up any leftover pumpkin from pumpkin pie.

Barbara's Pumpkin Pie



I tried this pumpkin pie last week, it turned out delicious. At Thanksgiving I will make this pumpkin pie for my family, I bet they will love it.

Asparagus with Cranberries and Pine Nuts



This is a quick, easy way to saute asparagus. The dish has a light flavor and makes a great accompaniment to Italian meals. I make this year-round, but we especially enjoy it at...

Sausage, Apple and Cranberry Turkey Stuffing



This Thanksgiving stuffing is packed with fresh seasonal flavors. Will stuff a 10 to 16 pound turkey which serves up to 10 people.

Very Moist Pumpkin Bread



It sunk in the middle but that could have been due to my lack in baking skills. It was very moist and had a wonderful flavor.WOW, Big hit at holiday party!

Sage Roasted Potatoes



A classic dish from rural France that is perfect for Thanksgiving, Christmas or any family get together. It matches perfectly with roast turkey.

Pumpkin Rum Pie



A classic pumpkin pie spike with rum. Dark, rich and delicious.

Almond Cherry Cookies



They are easy to make, turn out beautiful and delicious!

Skillet Green Beans in Orange Essence with Maple Toasted Pecans



This one skillet side dish makes for quick and easy cleanup. The crunchy butter and maple toasted pecans dress up everyday green beans for a side worthy of a holiday feast.

Skillet Green Beans with Toasted Butter-Maple Pecans



Green beans are braised in skillet with orange juice and chicken stock, and served with toasted butter-maple pecans. Make a double-batch because your kids will become veggie lov...

Whole Wheat Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls



Who doesn't love cinnamon rolls? Probably everyone does. How can you not love these yummy rolls that are made with pumpkin puree and whole wheat flour. They are packed with good...

Pumpkin Mousse Parfaits



A yummy alternative to pumpkin pie and I lightened it by using low fat ingredients! Enjoy during the holidays!

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Thanksgiving Tips

Roast Turkey Survival Guide

Turkey tips & secrets on how to cook a perfect turkey during the Thanksgiving cooking feast.

A Perfect Thanksgiving Dinner

Traditionally, Thanksgiving Day is celebrated with a feast. You can give thanks to the bounty of the earth without the day turning into a disaster by planning ahead.

Canadian Thanksgiving

A brief history of Thanksgiving in Canada along with traditional recipe recommendations.

“The Thanksgiving Aftermath: A College Student’s Dream Come True”

One thing I noticed when I first attended college was how much I missed home-cooked meals. The spine-tingling aromas, the delicious taste you experienced after every bite of food and how full you we’re after your second helping of dinner.

Thanksgiving - Hot Drinks

After dinner is over with, it’s time for a nice period of relaxation. It could be called a nap, but not everyone sleeps right away.

Thanksgiving - Dessert

The one dish that defines Thanksgiving and the fact that the famous holiday warms your heart and your soul is dessert.

Thanksgiving - "Nothing tastes better than a homemade stuffing"

Around the holiday seasons, you always see commercials that revolve around family dinners.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Aside from great food, Thanksgivings also involve teamwork. Everyone can pitch in and try to help out the one aunt and uncle who are hosting the dinner.

Thanksgiving - You Don't Need to Dress to Impress

Thanksgiving is a time when family comes together and memories are shared. There are many families out there that just have a dinner for 3 or for 30.

History of Thanksgiving and of course…the Food

History of Thanksgiving and a menu to take you back to the original time of giving thanks.

On the Side

When individuals contemplate what to make for their Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, there's 1/2s usually more indecision regarding the side dishes. After all, the Thanksgiving turkey is perfunctory and Christmas will inevitably...

Let's Talk Turkey

This Thursday is Thanksgiving and households across America will be preparing the traditional turkey. About 46 million turkeys will be

It's the Great Pumpkin

According to an Irish myth, one day a man known as "Stingy Jack" for his miserly inclinations had a drink with the devil. True to his name, Jack convinced the

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