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32 thanksgiving recipes

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Thanksgiving Pie



Celebrate next Thanksgiving with this rich and decadent pie made with corn syrup, pumpkin and pecan halves.

Thanksgiving Orange Pumpkin Apple Cake



This is a great cake to serve with hot spicy cider. It is moist, fruity and sparkled with spices. It is an especially fine choice as a gift fromyour kitchen during the holiday t...

Thanksgiving Sweet Potato Pie



Thanksgiving Sweet Potato Pie recipe

Thanksgiving Pizza



Super yummy pizza with the flavors of Thanksgiving, perfect for a casual feast any time of year, or using up leftovers.

Ultimate Thanksgiving Leftovers Sandwich



I normally eat three to four times as much as other family members at a sitting, but since we usually have guests over on Thanksgiving, I have to pretend my stomach isn't a bott...

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Banana Mousse Tart



An elegant pumpkin tart takes place of traditional pie, looks beautiful and pumpkin and banana work very well together!

Thanksgiving Roasted Carrots, Potatoes, Brussels Sprouts and Parsnips



Simply roasting some winter vegetables with all kinds of herbs and olive oil is a great side dish in the Thanksgiving menu.

Thanksgiving Rotisserie Turkey



Excellent recipe. The turkey comes out juicy and moist.

Shells Stuffed with Thanksgiving Leftovers



A new twist on a classic Italian dish! Use your Thanksgiving leftovers to create a savory stuffing for this comforting pasta dish.

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