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Sri Lanka Malu Soup Fish and Lentils
Sri Lanka Malu Soup Fish & Lentils

Sri Lanka Malu Soup Fish and Lentils recipe

Rubio's Fish Tacos
Rubio's Fish Tacos

Instead of using beef or chicken, try these succulent fish tacos that will have you licking your lips! Great recreation of the incredible Rubio's Fish Taco. Most people get this wrong, but not this one. The CORN tortilla is vital to the flavor. Get them as fresh and thick as possible.

Crayfish & Poached Quail Eggs Salad & Truffle Vinaigrette

My husband told me he had never tasted so good flavour,crayfish,poached quai eggs salad,and truffle vinaigrette,combined very well.The crayfish inside them,when you eat one,you want to eat another,hope we can share this great recipe together!

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