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Greek recipe collection

Summer Greek Salad



A quick, easy and tasty greek style salad that can be made within 20 minutes!

Super Easy Hummus



Hummus is packed with goodness, tastes delicious, and it's so easy to make. Forget about the store-bought ones that usually contain more than just a few ingredients, make it yo...

Vegetable Omelet with Cheese

19 days ago


Yummy Tzatziki



Tzatziki recipe

Baklava (Rolled Variety)



Baklava (Rolled Variety) recipe

Chicken Souvlaki with Tzatziki Sauce

8 days ago


Serve these kabobs as an appetizer with the sauce for dipping, or as sandwiches. Slather the sauce on warmed pita and place the chicken in the pockets along with sliced tomatoe...

Greek Orzo Stuffed Peppers



Greek flavor perfectly matched each other. I drizzled a splash of high-quality extra-virgin olive oil just before serving. Even though it tasted clean and light, it was actually...

Greek Potatoes

16 days ago


Visit Greece with these scrumptious potatoes that will have you enjoying every bit of it until its all gone!

Favourite Classic Greek Salad



A refreshing and tasty summer salad that uses fresh and seasonal tomatoes and cucumbers. It takes no time to make, and a great side dish that goes well with any main course.

Rolled Baklava with Honey Syrup



Rolled Baklava with Honey Syrup recipe

Easy Dill Tzatziki



I put it on lettuce, eat it with pita chips, or serve it with meat. Always have some plump kalamatas on hand when eating it. So delicious to dunk them in the sauce.

Hummus Me Tahini



Hummus Me Tahini recipe

Classic Spanakopita



Classic Spanakopita recipe

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