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Top 20 Bread Machine recipes

Garlic Cheese Italian Herb Bread for the Bread Maker

2 days ago

32 k

One word 'yummy'. This bread is good on its own or with any of your favorite Italian dishes.

Bread Machine Chocolate Bread

about 10 hours ago

5.11 k

Bread Machine Chocolate Bread recipe

Easy Bread Machine Irish Soda Bread

6 days ago

3.62 k

Easy Bread Machine Irish Soda Bread recipe

Diabetic Blueberry Muffins

2 days ago

2.46 k

Diabetic Blueberry Muffins recipe

White Bread For Bread Machine

1 day ago

2.54 k

A simple bread machine that will have you making a crusty white bread that's perfect for toast and sandwiches.

Naan For Breadmaker

about 20 hours ago

2.84 k

A simple recipe to make the Indian flat bread using a bread machine.

Cake Bread for Bread machine

1 day ago

2.88 k

A simple bread machine recipe that will have you making a scrumptious and moist bread your whole family will enjoy!

German Black Bread

2 days ago

2.09 k

A hearty German style black bread recipe for your bread machine.

Bread Machine Italian Bread


1.63 k

Italian Bread recipe

Best Portuguese Sweet Bread (Bread Machine)

1 day ago

1.68 k

As I do not own a bread machine, I adapted this recipe to make in my KitchenAid stand mixer using the dough hook. I kept the igredients basically the same, with the exception of...

Bread Machine Semolina Bread

about 16 hours ago

1.04 k

I used durum wheat flour instead of semolina. Barney unplugged my machine, so I had to finish the second rise, and bake it in the real oven. It turned out great. This bread is...

Bread Machine Brioche

about 18 hours ago

1.05 k

Brioche recipe

Buckwheat Oat Bread

8 days ago

1.15 k

A simple but delicious bread that tastes amazing plain, as toast or sandwiches.

Bread Maker Blueberry Yogurt Cake-bread

about 5 hours ago

1.41 k

Fluffy, soft and delicious. This recipe does not use milk. The best bread-cake texture I have ever made or tasted.

Bread-machine Panettone

28 days ago


This recipe comes from Italy by way of Argentina. Maxwell Mowry of Charleston got this recipe when he lived in Buenos Aires in the early l970s. Since there are more people of It...

Rosemary Garlic Bread

5 days ago


A very hearty bread with lots of flavor. Perfect with a bowl of homemade soup

Rye Bread with Onions and Caraway

4 days ago


Excellent bread. Nice, light texture and good crust. I will add more caraway next time, though, as we really like that flavor. I doubled the recipe to make a large loaf, and it ...

Wonder Bread--Golden Egg Bread



A simple bread machine recipe that creates a scrumptious bread that goes well with any breakfast!

Cheese Buns



Stuffed with two kinds of cheese these make spectacular dinner roll.

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