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77 cantaloupe recipes


Sacramento Fruit Bowl



This fruity delicious dish is made with pineapple, honeydew melon, cantalope and nectarines.

Ben and Jerry's Cantaloupe Ice Cream



This homemade cantaloupe ice cream will for sure make you keep coming back to scoop out more. This fruity and creamy ice cream is a winner at any occasion.

Cantaloupe Bread



This delicious bread is based on the Texas treat consisting of peeled cantaloupe segments bread cubes piled in the center and covered with creamsauce. This is a soft, sticky do...

Cantaloupe Ice Cream



Cantaloupe Ice Cream recipe

Peach Melon Conserve



Melon Peach Conserve recipe

Cantaloupe Sorbet



Cantaloupe Sorbet recipe

Mixed Fruit Salad with Citrus Mint Dressing



Mixed different kinds of melon together, use mint, fresh orange juice, fresh lime juice to make a fresh dressing, a good start of a day with these fresh fruits salad.

After School Fruit Cup



A special fruit treat for kids perfect for after school.

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