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Split peas

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Saagwalla Dhal



This is the other dhal we made yesterday, when the cooking was close to the end, added some spinach that was cooked with garlic, dried hot chili peppers and mustard seeds, which...


21 days ago


A simple and scrumptious dish made with rice, green and red lentils and grated coconut.

Dr Fuhrman's Famous Anti-Cancer Soup

about 6 hours ago

3.11 k

Recipe taken from "The Eat-to-Live Diet" by Dr Joel Fuhrman. Packed full of vegetables and thickened with cashews.

Minted Split and Fresh Pea Soup



Minted Split and Fresh Pea Soup recipe

Amazing Split Pea Soup



Amazing Split Pea Soup recipe

Awesome Dal



Awesome Dal recipe

Bananas with Green Split Peas

6 days ago


Booyah for 100 people



Booya or booyah is popular the twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul in Minnesota, and in Northeast Wisconsin. The dish is said to have originally consisted of mostly turtle m...

Crockpot Beans & Barley

30 days ago


A simple and delicious dish that can be simmered all day and be ready once the kids come home from school.

Crockpot Split Pea Soup



A simple and delicious split pea soup that can feed your hunger and be made with your crockpot.