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339 recipes

Canadian Souffles



A tasty cheese souffle loaded with cheddar cheese and and Canadian bacon (ham).

Deluxe Jalapeño Cornbread



Deluxe Jalapeño Cornbread recipe

Muffuletta Sandwich



Hard to go wrong with a Muffuletta sandwich. It was easy and simple to assemble, and it was packed with flavour.

New York Times Lobster Thermidor

2 days ago


Creamy, rich and so flavorful. Didn't have pimento, used fresh sweet red pepper instead, nothing was sophisticated during the preparation, but the flavor was so impressive!

Deluxe Peas



Nice way to dress up peas. The mushrooms, water chestnuts and celery add some needed texture. Just a hint of curry adds some nice warmth but is not in any way overpowering and t...

Egg and Sausage Strata



A scrumptious dish made with succulent pork sausage, green bell peppers and pimentos.

Fresh Corn and Polish Sausage Chowder

3 days ago


An easy and tasty chowder is made with corn, potatoes and kielbasa. Some steamed rice or a few slices of good bread will help to soak up all the yumminess. A perfect week-night...

He-Man's Tuna Noodle Casserole

6 days ago


Fight evil and help those who are hungry with this scrumptious casserole that is sure to produce a happy ending.

Holiday Spinach and Artichoke Party Dip



A scrumptious spinach and artichoke dip that tastes amazing with tortilla chips are as a spread for sandwiches.

Marvellous Marinated Coleslaw



I used roasted bell pepper instead of pimento, which worked perfectly well. Roasted bell pepper added delicious smokiness to the coleslaw, and it was very easy to put together. ...

No Fuss Tuna Quiche

17 days ago


An easy to prep quiche with canned tuna. Sometimes easy is good.

Shrimp And Yellow Rice

8 days ago


A tasty dish made of shrimp, tomatoes and green peas that can be used as a side or be your main dish.

Deluxe Chicken Supper

14 days ago

1.02 k

Cheesy dumplings baked on top of creamy sauce with chunks of chicken, bacon, onions and mushrooms. All in one deluxe chicken dinner.

Arroz Amarillo (Yellow Rice)



With its vibrant color and flavor, yellow rice is a staple in Latin America and the Caribbean. In Cuba, it's traditionally garnished with pimentos, but I sometimes top it with s...

Beef Goulash Soup



Spicy and meaty - ideal to worm you up when there is cold outdoor.

Cheesy Cauliflower Casserole



Cheesy Cauliflower Casserole recipe