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Orange marmalade

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Mrs Picky Fanicky's Bread Pudding



Delicious and a great way to use up your bread or biscuits.

Orange Marmalade Vanilla Bean Bread Pudding



Just like the name, this bread pudding is buttery, creamy and it looks beautiful as well. I adapted this recipe from Donna Hay magazine. If you love bread pudding, give it a try...

Kiwi-Lemon Pie

about 6 hours ago



Maple-dill Roasted Salmon

18 days ago


Quick and easy roasted salmon with a sweet and slightly citrus glaze.

Beets Glazed with Orange Vinaigrette



Steamed fresh beets match perfectly with this balance of orange and balsamic vinegar.

Christmas Plum Pudding

24 days ago


Christmas Plum Pudding recipe

Mrs. Picky's Pig Pickin Cake



When you want to take a wonderful cake to any social event, make a pig pickin cake.

Orange-Hoisin Glazed Roasted Chicken and Vegetables

5 days ago

1.81 k

The chicken breasts came out juicy, tender and tasty. Sweet, sour and salty orange marmalade - hoisin glaze added a layer of great flavor. Sugar snap peas and carrots were a pe...

Fried Butternut



Sweet, but you will enjoy this with any Sunday Roast....

Orange-Glazed Chicken



Add a fruity touch to your chicken with this delicious recipe that's extremely easy to follow.

Alpine Peppered Pineapple with Wild Fruit Yoghurt



A dessert made from pineapple with Alpine Pepper, and served with a side of wild fruit yoghurt.

Baked Marmalade Pancake



Baked Marmalade Pancake recipe

Barm Brack (Traditional Irish Bread - Báirín breac)



A recipe for a traditional Irish bread. Barm Brack (Traditional Irish Bread - Báirín breac) One translation would be Speckled Bread.