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Recipes with ground beef, lean

432 recipes

Classic Salisbury Steaks

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9 days ago

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Revisit this quick and easy classic recipe that will stretch your food dollar and guarantees fork tender salisbury steaks covered in a rich onion and mushroom gravy. Ready in le...

Easy Hamburger Quiche

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Easy Hamburger Quiche recipe

Aussie Meatloaf

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My family loved this meatloaf! I used hot Italian turkey sausage and italian breadcrumbs; also, made the sauce with red wine. The leftovers were eaten before going to bed. It's ...

Lawry's Mexican Lasagna

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9 days ago

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Lawry's Mexican Lasagna recipe

Bob's Crock Pot Pizza

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A delicious and tantalizing crockpot dish that doesn't disappoint when it comes to flavor!

Runsas (German Beef and Cabbage Buns with Cheese)

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9 days ago

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A soft yeast dough stuffed with a quick filling of ground beef, cabbage and cheese is reasonably simply and surprisingly addictive. This mid-western Germany classic is perfect ...

Crockpot Hamburger Soup with Vegetables

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9 days ago

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A savory hamburger soup made with cabbage, celery and tomato paste that is bound to be one of your favorite crockpot recipes.

Falscher Hase (False Hare (German Meatloaf))

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Classic original and authentic German meatloaf.

Best Texas Chili - Weight Watchers Favorite

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Best Texas Chili - Weight Watchers Favorite recipe

Cactus Chili

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4 days ago

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Cactus Chili recipe

Irish Shepherd's Pie

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Irish Shepherd's Pie recipe

Healthy Hamburger with Savory Feta Sauce and Cucumber

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Creamy feta sauce adds zip, and cucumbers adds a pleasant crunch to a juicy hamburger.

Pete and Shannon's Damn Good Chili

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Pete and Shannon's Damn Good Chili recipe

Crockpot Cabbage Rolls

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Everybody likes change, so why not try to make these tasty cabbage rolls in your crockpot!

Slow Cooker Salisbury Steak

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Slow-cooked beef patties in a creamy mushroom and onion gravy. Real comfort food.

El Paso Chili

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9 days ago

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Loaded with veggies and with a hint of sweetness, this chili recipe has been my family's favorite for many, many years.