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Millet flour

What is millet flour? About the ingredient millet flour. Including 14 recipes with millet flour, and where to find it.


Millet has been cultivated since ancient times and is considered an ancient grain. Common millet is used for flour milling.

In ancient Rome, millet was used to make a kind of milk porridge. The method of preparation is still in use by some African tribes. Millet can be a important part of the diet in Asian and Africa.

It is not a commonly used in European and North American cuisines however is gain popularity with gluten-free diets.

Millet is sold in the form of flour, grains, flakes. Millet is easy to prepare, simmered for 20 minutes in twice it's volume of boiling water or milk.

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Where found

Millet flour is usually found in the baking supplies section or aisle of the grocery store or supermarket.

In Chinese:小米面粉
British (UK) term: Millet flour
en français:la farine de mil
en español:harina de mijo

Recipes using millet flour

There are 14 recipes that contain this ingredient.

Fluffy Bran Pancakes or Waffle Mix
Wheat Free Healthy Pancakes
Wholegrain Waffles with Flaxseeds

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