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5 New Surprises of Superfoods!

There is a lot of talk about superfoods, and which ones you should be adding to your diet. Take a look at this list of five fruits and veggies you might not have considered!

We hear every day about the superfoods that we should be eating, and many of us can even name a bunch. 

But, a recent study conducted at William Paterson University showed the various differences and similarities among more than 40 superfoods. They based the results on the overall nutritional density of the foods, based on 17 different vitamins and nutrients and ranked the foods accordingly. There were some surprises in the results!

Here are 5 fruits and vegetables that you may not realize are superfoods:

  • Watercress: This is a bitter green with a peppery taste, and came in with a surprising number 1 ranking among superfoods—even ahead of beet greens, collard greens, kale and Chinese cabbage, recognized superfoods.

    When it comes to potassium, fibre, protein, calcium, iron, zinc, and vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D, E and K, the results were unanimous. The heavy load of vitamin A provided by watercress put it way ahead, as this is one nutrient thought to be important in the fight against cancer. Being extremely low in calories is a huge plus.

  • Parsley: This pretty green is far more than just for show, and you should be eating it and not just using it for garnish. Parsley contains high amounts of iron, calcium, protein and potassium, and can have a very positive effect on your blood pressure. There’s no problem finding ways to get it into your diet, either, if you enjoy fresh pestos or salads!

  • Endive: This type of lettuce is part of the chicory family, along with radicchio, escarole and frisee. With a nutty flavour that is sometimes sweet, there are almost zero calories in this leafy green vegetable, yet it is loaded with vitamin C and K, as well as calcium, zinc, potassium and folate. Try using these leaves as chips for dipping into a healthy hummus dip or guacamole, instead of tortilla chips!

  • Red Pepper: This tasty superfood is great for your immune system. With a high content of vitamin A and C, it is worth to reach for red peppers for a snack or in your favourite stir fry recipes.

  • Pumpkin: You probably wouldn’t think that this fruit makes any specific superfood list, but you also might not know that it is very low calorie and filled with vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and lots of potassium. There is even a hearty helping of fibre. Try roasted pumpkin, and keep the seeds for a healthy snack!

  • You don’t have to stick to the standard superfoods lists to get your healthy boosts—try adding these new ideas to your diet and get the extra kick you need!


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