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Milk, low fat, sweetened, condensed

What is milk, low fat, sweetened, condensed? About the ingredient milk, low fat, sweetened, condensed. Including 29 recipes with milk, low fat, sweetened, condensed, where it's found, and video.


Condensed milk, also known as sweetened condensed milk, is cow's milk from which water has been removed and to which sugar has been added, yielding a very thick, sweet product which when canned can last for years without refrigeration if unopened.

The two terms, condensed milk and sweetened condensed milk, have become synonymous. Though there have been unsweetened condensed milk products, today these are uncommon. Condensed milk is used in numerous dessert dishes in many countries.

Some consumers confuse condensed milk and evaporated milk, since the two products are very similar. As a general rule, evaporated milk is unsweetened, while condensed milk has been made with sugar.

Some old recipes may specify the use of “sweetened condensed milk” to ensure that cooks do not use evaporated milkCondensed milk is often used in beverages as well, adding a thick texture and sweet milky flavor to things like Thai iced tea.

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Milk, low fat, sweetened, condensed is usually found in the canned goods section or aisle of the grocery store or supermarket.

In Chinese:牛奶,低脂,甜,凝聚
British (UK) term: Milk, low fat, sweetened, condensed
en français:lait, faible en gras, sucré, condensé
en español:leche, baja en grasas, endulzado, condensa

Recipes using milk, low fat, sweetened, condensed

There are 24 recipes that contain this ingredient.

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