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Egg, hard-boiled

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In Chinese:鸡蛋,煮
British (UK) term: Egg, hard-boiled
en français:oeuf, cuit dur
en español:huevo, cocido

Recipes using egg, hard-boiled

There are 23 recipes that contain this ingredient.

Mixed Greens with Cucumber Chives and Parsley  Vinaigrette

Mixed Greens with Cucumber Chives & Parsley Vinaigrette

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This easy to make mixed green salad is tasty, the cucumber herb vinaigrette is just perfectly balanced taste, hard-boiled eggs give the protein, a light salad for any of your meal during the day!!

Spinach and Long White Radish Soup

Spinach & Long White Radish Soup

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spring soup of unusual taste..

Arugula Salad with Garlic Croutons, Gruyere and Eggs

Arugula Salad with Garlic Croutons, Gruyere & Eggs

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Great salad, looks elegant but is reasonably easy to put together. Loved the combination of textures, crunchy croutons, slightly spicy rocket (arugula) and perfectly dressed with just a bit of tang from the dressing.

Easy Deviled Eggs

Easy Deviled Eggs

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Quick and easy cold hors d'ouevre.


Monte Cristo Salad

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Enjoy the wonderful flavors of a Monte Cristo Sandwich in this wonderful, low fat, salad.


Curried Eggs

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This is a delicious brunch dish and is very good served with a broiled tomato, French bread and a fresh fruit compote.


Main Dish Macaroni Salad

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Macaroni, tuna salad suitable for main or sid dish

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