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Angostura bitters

What are angostura bitters? About the ingredient angostura bitters. Including 20 recipes with angostura bitters.


Bitters are liquids flavored with the essences of aromatic or bitter roots, herbs, barks, and plants, such as orange rind, myrrh, quinine, juniper, cloves, cassia, and gentian, to quote a few of the ingredients.

Bitters are used to stimulate the appetite, to aid digestion, and to flavor and season foods and drinks of all kinds. Many bitters have an alcoholic content.

The bitters best known in America takes its name from the town of Angostura, in Venezuela, later renamed as Ciudad Bolivar. It was first made there in 1824. It does not contain bitter bark of the angostura tree, but aromatic substances such as cardamom, mace, cinnamon, and gentian.

Bitters of all kinds are also made in Europe and sold under their trade names as apéritifs. In the US, bitters are used to flavor cocktails such as Old Fashioneds.

In cooking, a dash or two of bitters can work wonders in pepping up a soup, a ground meat, or a creamed dish, and surprisingly, fresh fruit or vanilla ice cream.

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In Chinese:安哥斯图娜
British (UK) term: Angostura bitters
en français:Angostura bitter
en español:Amargo de Angostura

Recipes using angostura bitters

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