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402 pancake recipes

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Whole Wheat Buttermilk Pancakes



Learn how to make scrumptious pancakes with this simple recipe that uses whole wheat flour and buttermilk.

Adai (Savory Indian Pancakes)



These pancakes are low in fat and loaded with protein from the lentils AKA dhals. Not to mention quite tasty.

Ahmad Rashad's Banana Pancakes



According to NBC sportscaster Ahmad Rashad, men and women behave very differently in the kitchen. "When men cook, it usually looks like a disaster area,"; says the former Minn...

Almost Homemade Pancakes



Pancakes recipe

Amazing Apple Pancakes



These apple pancakes were indeed amazing. So moist and delicious. I will make them again for breakfast tomorrow morning. Totally addicted!

Alice's Breakfast Apple Pancakes



Light, fluffy and delcious apples pancakes. Best to serve them warm with maple syrup.

Almost Whole Wheat Apple Pancakes



Almost Whole Wheat Apple Pancakes recipe

All-Time Delicious Pancakes



Delicious Dessert Pancakes recipe

Almost Whole Wheat Sour Cream Pancakes



Almost Whole Wheat Sour Cream Pancakes recipe

Almost Whole Wheat Breakfast Pancakes



Almost Whole Wheat Breakfast Pancakes recipe

Alaska Sourdough Pancakes



Alaska Sourdough Pancakes recipe

Zucchini Parmesan Pancakes



We use zucchini to make these pancakes, with parmesan cheese and shallots, very tasty.

Whole Wheat Pumpkin Pancakes for Two



Made these whole wheat pumpkin pancakes for breakfast, and they were delicious and packed with goodness. Served these yummy pancakes with maple syrup and orange juice, our pala...

Whole Wheat Pancakes with Maple Candied Pecans and Tropical Fruit



Have these delicious yet healthy whole wheat pancakes for breakfast, topped with maple candies pecans, fresh pineapples and kiwi fruit.

Almond & Banana Pancakes



For those that prefer a sweet meal to start their day, these banana and almond pancakes are the perfect healthy option. We’ve developed this recipe for Fertility Road magazine, ...

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