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Koushry (Rice & Lentils)
Koushry (Rice & Lentils)

A scrumptious side dish made with lentils and chopped onions.

Lentils & Leeks
Lentils & Leeks

Leeks and carrots create a simple court bouillon to add subtle depth and character to lentils in this vegan recipe.

Vegetable Soup with Lentils (Vegan)
Vegetable Soup with Lentils (Vegan)

Vegetable Soup with Lentils (Vegan) recipe

Curry Lentils and Kale
Curry Lentils & Kale

This hearty and healthy Indian style dish is quick-easy to make, and it's tasty.

Sri Lanka Malu Soup Fish and Lentils
Sri Lanka Malu Soup Fish & Lentils

Sri Lanka Malu Soup Fish and Lentils recipe

Roasted Garlicky Rosemary Chicken with Lentils & Olives

The garlic and rosemary infused olive oil adds the herby and garlicky taste into the chicken under roasting; lentils and olives give the enough fibre and minerals to your daily nutrition. Serve it with roasted potatoes, salad greens.

Gala Hua Dal (Cooked Lentils, Peas, & Beans)

This is the basic recipe for cooking lentils or beans. Many southern and southwestern regional recipes call for cooked lentils or beans to be stirred gently into a dish near the end of cooking. Therefore, it may be a good idea ot make them a day ahead and have them ready when you begin the actual cooking.

Lentils with Zucchini

A spicy, yet scrumptious dish that goes perfect with any kind of dinner you prepare.

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