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518 brownie recipes

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"The Best" Brownies



Make the best brownies in the world with this simple and delicious recipe that will have your kids wrapped around your finger!

Applesauce Brownies



I loved these brownies! Not too sweet, not super rich, just the right balance, and satisfy my craving without making me feeling guilty afterwards.They are more cake like with a ...

Award Winner Brownies



Award Winner Brownies recipe

Zucchini Brownie Cookies



Super delicious! Moist inside and crispy outside, lots of chocolate, everyone loves these small treats.

Blonde Pecan Brownies



Blond brownies with a combination of butterscotch chips, chocolate chips studded with pecans.

Amazing Wholesome Brownies



These brownies are awesome!

Brownie Bottom Cheesecake



Brownie Bottom Cheesecake recipe

Valentine's Day Brownie Pizza



Chocolatly, moist and well balanced sweetness. Make this super brownie pizza for your loved one at Valentines' Day, hmmm...

Be My Valentine Brownie Hearts



A layer of strawberries and whipped cream sandwiched by rich chocolate brownies. Creates a picture perfect dessert or Valentine day treat.

Best Cocoa Brownies



Not your tradional "fudgy" brownies, they have the warm and rich cocoa taste and are more "cake-like."

Applesauce Brownie Pizza



Moist and delicious. Applesauce really makes the brownies super moist and meanwhile lower the amount of fat. Using whole wheat flour adds more goodness. Enjoy these delicious de...

Valentine's Day Raspberry Cream Brownie Wedges



Top and bottom layers are brownies, the middle layer is made with raspberry jam and cream cheese. Make this delicious raspberry cream brownies for your Valentine's Day.

Fudgy Rocky Road Brownie Frozen Yogurt



Adapted this recipe from Foodnetwork magazine, I made a few changes to make it a little healthier but still taste decadently delicious. Then I made a frozen yogurt with these br...

Carob Brownies



Chewy Rich Carob Brownies Are Delicious!! Easy To Make!!

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