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3,447 Soup recipes

The word soup originates from the French wourd soupe ("soup", "broth"). Belly warming and comforting soups such as chicken noodle soup have been used for centuries as a "cure" for the common cold. Cold soups are called Gazpacho and can be refreshing particularly on a hot summer day. Home-made soups tend to be much better than store bought soups which tend to be thing and watery and many contain large amounts of salt.


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Soup Tips

The Stock Market

One of the first lessons of any cooking course is learning how to make stocks. Stocks form the basis of most sauces and soups. A stock is

Cooking with Brains

This afternoon my friend Scott dropped by for a visit. I was busy preparing a creamy spinach soup and soon we were

Excuse Me Waiter, My Soup is Cold!

The year was 1917 and Louis Diat, (1885 - 1957), was the head chef of the posh Ritz-Carlton Hotel on...

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