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34 japanese recipes

that are low in fat


Basic Sushi Rice



Start of your journey to making sushi with this easy-to-follow recipe that creates no problems!

Grilled Eggplant & Basil Vinaigrette



Why use meat when you can enjoy a delicious dish like this which will keep you wanting more!

Hawaiian Fish with Thai Banana Salsa



Bring out the grass-skirts when you sit down to eat this scrumptious and spicy dish.

Asian Guacamole



Asian Guacamole recipe

Pumpkin-Millet Soup



Pumpkin-Millet Soup recipe

Hot Bananas a la Baloo



The perfect side dish for spicy barbeque meat!

Sunomono or Japanese Noodle and Cucumber Salad



This salad is subtle and very refreshing. There are a variety of textures-chewy cold noodles (bean thread noodles, some call them cellophane noodles 'cause when you boil them th...

Imam Baldi



Perfect Sushi Sticky Rice



The Japanese version of rice is called "Japonica". It's short grain which makes the rice round and extremely sticky when cooled. You can also use aborio or risotto rice which wo...

Quick Teriyaki Sauce (Homemade)



Many recipes call for bottled Teriyaki sauce. This flavorful sauce that imparts so much flavor to beef, chicken and fish is so easy to make from scratch.

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