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Top 20 Yogurt recipes

Cucumber Yogurt Sauce Indian - Raita



Creamy and cool. Great with any spicy food to cool the palate. Traditionally served at almost any East Indian meal raita is an everyday staple.

Featherlight Yogurt Pancakes

25 days ago


Bisquick Berry Yogurt Muffins

2 days ago


Bisquick Berry Yogurt Muffins recipe

Cereal Yoghurt Bars

2 days ago


There are tasty bars, and very healthy too, a lot of fibire and other nutrition.

Yogurt Cheddar Scones

17 days ago


We used home-ground whole wheat flour, only a few tablespoons white flour, and these scones puffed a lot! Inside moist and cheesy and outside golden and brown.They were just del...

Coffee Yogurt

about 20 hours ago


If you're late for work and in need of coffee, try this delicious yogurt that is bound to wake up you and your tastebuds.

Alton Brown's Tzatziki Sauce

14 days ago


Creamy and tasty tzatziki sauce is quick and easy to make, and packed with flavor. A delicious addition to accomplish any meat course.

Applesauce Carrot Cake

8 days ago


This super moist carrot cake was absolutely delicious and much much lower-fat than a regular carrot cake, thanks to applesauce and yogurt instead of butter and cream cheese. I u...

Yogurt-Curry Chicken

5 days ago


If you're a fan of combining wonderful flavors you will love this succulent dish that makes a great quick dinner.

Easy Tzatziki

30 days ago


Easy Tzatziki recipe

Yogurt Deviled Eggs



Try this new clean and tasty rendition of deviled eggs that uses plain yogurt to replace the mayonaise.

Delicious August Corn Chowder

13 days ago


A refreshing twist on classic corn chowder using lots of summer vegetables this make-ahead cold soup is sure to cool your guests off on a hot summer day.

Rice Flour and Yogurt Pancakes



Rice Flour and Yogurt Pancakes recipe

Blueberry Frozen Yogurt

24 days ago



Yummy Whole Wheat Yogurt Bread

9 days ago


Yummy Whole Wheat Yogurt Bread recipe

Irish Cream Frozen Yogurt



A touch of Irish Cream teams up with chocolate for a mouth-watering change of pace.

Mile High Blueberry Muffins



Mile High Blueberry Muffins recipe

Apple Walnut Salad



Very tasty. I added more walnuts, the salad was creamy, refreshing, nutty and absolutely delicious!

Lemon Loaf Cake



Lemon Loaf Cake recipe

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