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Use of Food Pantries on the Rise, Making the Most of Your Food Budget

As Americans struggle with unemployment and underemployment, they are turning to food pantries to save money and keep their families fed.

The Green Bay Press Gazette reports that first time usage of food pantries is on the rise in Brown County, WI, especially among families with children. Most of these families are using the money they save by getting groceries from a food pantry to make mortgage or rent payments. 

Even if they have not been forced to turn to food pantries as their source for groceries, many Americans are looking for ways to make the most of every food dollar they spend. 

In the coming weeks, The New Recipe Times and will be featuring a series of articles about stretching your grocery dollars to the max. 

Here are a couple of tips to get started with:

  • Chose recipes that are quick and easy to prepare. You will be less likely to spend extra money on expensive, prepackaged foods and convenience items.
  • Do not let your leftovers go to waste. Instead, transform them into another delicious meal. For example, prepare a recipe of baked chicken with orzo for dinner one night. Then mix any leftover chicken and orzo into a basic frittata recipe for dinner later in the week.

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